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Annalise Boydston

Rehearsal Director

Annalise Boydston is a queer feminist performer and choreographer based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She holds a BFA in Dance from the University of North Texas and an MFA in Dance from Texas Woman's University. As a dance artist, she focuses on collaboratively exploring personal narrative and identity while often challenging social constructions of gender and sexuality. Her interests extend into her pedagogy within her role as an adjunct professor at Texas Woman's University.

Since 2019, Annalise has been a performing member of the Jordan Fuchs Company. She joined TranScend Motion (directed by Sarah Tran) as both a company member and rehearsal director in 2022. She has performed in dance festivals, such as Barnstorm Dance Fest in Houston, TX, World Dance Alliance - Americas in Corpus Christi, TX, American College Dance Association, and {254} DanceFest in Waco, TX. Annalise has also performed works by Carl Flink and Black Label Movement, Rebeca Gamborino, Whitney Geldon, Martheya Nygaard, Reyna Mondragon and others.

Annalise has presented her work throughout Texas, with notable presentations including TranScend Motion Company concerts, Spring Dance Concert at The University of North Texas, DanceMakers at Texas Woman’s University, Burning Woman at Oak Cliff Cultural Center with Over the Bridge Arts, and {254} DanceFest. She is excited to present a new work at the upcoming TranScend Motion concert in September 2024.

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