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Katie Milligan

Company Artist - 1st year

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Katie Milligan is a nonbinary queer movement artist based in Dallas, Texas. They hold a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography and a minor in Business Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi. They have had the opportunity to learn from companies and artists in the United States and abroad including Joshua L. Peugh, Mike Esperanza, Madison Hicks, Norbert De La Cruz, Adrian Look, Yasmine Lindskog, AXIS Dance Company, and many others! Katie performed as an ensemble member in CrowdSource for Life and with Dark Circles Contemporary Dance as a part of the 2023 Desert Peaks Cohort. 


Most recently, Katie presented a collaborative work at the {254} Dance Festival Gala titled “a euphoric dying” which serves as a practice of presence, relinquishing control, and finding balance. Prior to this, they presented “Woven Out of Place” as part of the Agora Artists’ Seeds 2023 cohort. Katie approaches their work through the principles of queer dance researched through their thesis and prioritizes the lived experiences of collaborating artists. 


Katie is currently a performer with TranScend Motion and a certified personal trainer leading group fitness classes through Orangetheory Fitness. Katie uses the art of movement and improvisation to explore the human condition, connect with others through shared experiences, and offer a safe space that invites vulnerability, authenticity, and joy.

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