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Taylor Walzem

Company Member - 2nd year

Taylor Walzem was born in New Braunfels, Texas and is a performer/creator based out of Denton, Texas. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance with a minor in Art History from Texas Woman’s University. She has been dancing for nearly 20 years and is practiced in contemporary, modern, hip hop, and ballet, among other styles of movement. Currently a second year member of Transcend Motion, much of her work is influenced by musicality and the simplicity in letting music affect mood. Her goal in art-making is always to share her emotions—whatever they may be—with the audience. She creates a space between performer and witness to take their experiences and form new thoughts and ideas from it, building upon their experiences as they’re shared with more people. As a founding pillar of her practices, Walzem believes there is a firm fluidity to the idea of creating art; art is subjective, and there is no way of predicting its outcome or interpretation.

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