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TranScend Motion (TM) is a creative company that converges movement making across various art implements to produce original dance works. Our works revolve around honesty, imperfections, and resistance against the currents of certain constructed standards in society. TM’s choreography specifically focuses on the correlation between movement and rhythmic distinctiveness of sound. We emphasize the quality of movements to merge with the music to produce visual and aural satisfactions. TM strives for opportunities to perform and create in collaboration with artists around the world as we spread our dance narratives to the community. 


TM mission

The mission of TranScend Motion is to create works that communicate human lifestyles and narratives through movements. TM demonstrates the holistic nature in diversity, and together, we embrace beauty and creativity in the neglected human imperfections.

TM values


We are sharing a community, space, and time as well as relationships. We share our creativity and support for one another as artists through collaboration. There are no measurements nor competition among artists, but rather we are sharing the same environment with a cohesive and professional manner. We create interpersonal relationships between dancers by catalyzing their unique selves to take part in the same world and to share the same energy.

Risk Taking

We invigorate the constant curiosity and exploration of movements. Stimulate in experimentation and praxis, willing to take risks, experience disorientations, and adapt to unfamiliarity.


We find efficacy in honest movers, thinkers, and creators. Truth and integrity are indeed pivotal strengths within our community and environment. We genuinely trust in one another and become whole. We enforce a safe space free of judgment and discrimination.

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